The Capacities of a Large Company.
The Customer Service of a Family Business.

Restaurant Services

  • Collection and recycling of used cooking oil
  • Clean, sanitary, leak-proof bulk containers provided by Kruger
  • Timely pickups
  • Uniformed drivers and a modern fleet of clean, sanitized trucks
  • Customized pickup schedules based on your needs
  • “Set it and forget it” emptying of grease containers with minimal disruption
  • We’ll focus on your grease so you can focus on your restaurant


Rendering & processing

  • Rendering and recycling inedible animal and poultry by-products into nutritious feed ingredients for the livestock and poultry industries
  • Strict compliance with all environmental regulations
  • State-of-the-art air and wastewater treatment systems
  • Clean, contamination-free ingredient storage facilities
  • Safe, efficient loading of semi trailers
  • Weekly batch sampling to ensure highest quality of product
  • Processing of animal by-products into fat and protein products such as Meat and Bone Meal along with Tallow and Greases for various industries
  • Rendering of raw materials that range from by-products of meat packing and processing industries and trimmings from meat-handling establishments


Feather Meal processing

  • An additional specialty of Kruger and a good source of natural protein for the animal diet
  • An excellent source of protein for livestock diets and bypass protein and sulfur-containing amino acids
  • Beneficial to dairy cow feed producers
  • Also serves as fertilizer for several types of vegetation


Versatile modern fleet

  • Well-maintained
  • Experienced and dependable drivers
  • Reliable pickup and delivery to customers
  • Efficient transport of finished and unfinished products
KCI Fleet of Trucks