The Fruits of our Labor aren’t Fruits.

Whether Meat Products, Meals, Tallows or Greases, we do it all. Kruger distributes and specializes in several essential finished products for a variety of industries while maintaining our strict approach to quality.

Meat and Bone Meal.

A feed ingredient sold to area turkey growers, egg producers and hog growers. One of the industry’s most important animal protein products. Produced as a by-product by removing the fat from animal tissues through rendering.

Feather Meal.

A feed ingredient high in nitrogen sold to dairy cow feed producers. Because it’s slow-releasing, Feather Meal is also ideal for many leafy green vegetables, corn, fall sown cover crops, shrubs and compost piles.


Bleachable Fancy Tallow.

Sold to industrial users and satisfying the needs of hundreds of commercial uses. Applicable to products such as household detergents, plastics and land lubricants—and available to biodiesel producers as the industry evolves.



Yellow Grease.

A feed ingredient and high energy source sold to area turkey growers, egg producers, hog growers and biodiesel producers.