We’ve Been Doing This for More Than 40 years.

Kruger Commodities was founded in 1972 by James H. Kruger to provide essential rendering services to the meat and poultry by-product industry—a vision that grew to include the collection and recycling of used cooking oil from the food and restaurant industries. Today, we proudly own and operate state-of-the-art rendering facilities in Hamilton, Michigan and Tama, Iowa. And through our KCI Restaurant Services division, our fleet of trucks also provides restaurant grease disposal—a service so successful, it’s also grown to also serve restaurants throughout Omaha, Nebraska. Wherever we go, we bring with us a tradition of family ownership that runs strong within our business.

Our Corporate Offices:

Located in beautiful Omaha, NE
14344 Y St. Ste. 202 Omaha, NE 68137

Phone: 402-896-1324
Fax: 402-896-1784